Design.od’s ssl certificate renewal

Let’s Encrypt’s ssl certificates only last 3 months, and SiteGround automatically renews them for us. This automatic renewal currently works for all our sites, except for

This is because it has a redirect to the Front.php file, so that Symfony can run. Let’s Encrypt has systems for verifying that the sites is yours, and the redirect throws it off.

After SiteGround attempt to install the ssl certificate (and fail), it will get installed on But, once design.orderlydrawer’s cert expires, an insecure content error will get thrown when you visit the site.

So, this is how to manually get a new cert.

  1. Disable the redirect in the .htaccess file
  2. Go to the cpanel at SiteGround
  3. Go to the Let’s Encrypt page
  4. Select and install the cert
  5. Turn the redirect back on
  6. Visit the site and make sure it works

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