Flatware Drawer Organizer

This is a drawer organizer insert.  It adjusts from 15-24 inches in width and can be placed in your existing drawer.  No installation needed.  It consists of 2 complementary parts.

  • The first is a 10″ x 10″ square frame with slots and 4 divider slats that can be arranged to suit your needs.
  • The second is an extender piece that fits around and “hugs” the square frame and can slide to adjust to the width of your drawer.  The dimensions of the extender piece are 15″ x 11″.  Like the square frame, the extender frame has slots and 4 movable slats for customizing your drawer compartments.

When nested together, the 2 pieces can stretch from 15 to 24 inches in width. 

Both pieces have been made with care and attention to detail and feature the following:

  • constructed with solid hardwood  (contains no plywood, mdf, particle board, etc.)
  • low-gloss lacquered finish has a satin feeling, is gentle on your flatware, as well as your fingers, and resists stains
  • cleverly tapered slots keep from catching debris at the bottom of the organizer
  • slots at 1/2″ increments allow for micro-management of your space
  • rubber stops hold the extender frame in the position you choose
  • will accommodate silverware and utensils up to 10″ in length

The photos below show only some of the versatilities of this clever design.
The organizer can be placed in your drawer vertically or horizontally.  The square frame can nest in the extender so that the slots run vertically or horizontally.  The homeowner has a lot of options with this drawer insert.

wood drawer organizer insert
.wood drawer organizer insert.wood drawer organizer insert.wood drawer organizer insert.wood drawer organizer insert.wood drawer organizer insert





dsc06944.JPG.kitchen wood drawer organizer



These expandable drawer organizers are suitable for practically any kitchen.

Below are photos of custom double decker drawer.  The first photo show the top layer; the second shows the bottom layer.  These drawers are made to replace your current drawer, and the face of your current drawer is attached to the custom double decker drawer so that it matches your kitchen.  The double decker drawer has 2 layers.  The full length top layer can be pushed all the way back to reveal the full length bottom layer storage.  This drawer design creates a lot of usable space.  It’s especially helpful in small kitchens that need clever storage and also in wide drawers where utensils are loose and shuffling around.

double decker drawer

Below is the same drawer with the upper deck pushed back to reveal a full second deck.  One client of mine called this “a Murphy bed for my kitchen!”

double decker drawer - bottom layer revealed

Below is a narrower version of the double decker drawer with adjustable dividers on both levels.

double decker drawer with adjustable dividers   double decker drawer opening bottom layer

double decker drawer   double decker drawer opening bottom layer

You can contact me about making custom single layer or double decker drawers.  You can also order the drawer insert by contacting me.

UPDATE: All of the products on this page except the double-decker are now available for online purchase at Orderly Drawer.

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