DirectBuy Kitchen/Bath Cabinet Installs

Many people are attracted to DirectBuy because they like the idea of designing and/or installing their own kitchen or bath cabinetry. DirectBuy acts as a subscription-based buyer’s club and can result in some significant price reductions on cabinets.

The deal-killer for many people is that they don’t have high confidence that they can end up with a professional-looking kitchen (or bath, etc). Getting to that level of professionalism usually means going to a warehouse store or a local kitchen & bath showroom, which can be a very big price jump.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go the DirectBuy route and just get a little help from a local pro? Now Chattanooga homeowners can.

There are three basic services that I offer to those interested in DirectBuy cabinetry:

  1. Design Check – Before you lay down the money for your big order, wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced eye look over your design?  Just email me your design layout and good pictures of your current kitchen. I will scrutinize these and give you my analysis of any problems I find. These could be aesthetic, performance, structural, or potential installation pitfalls. My current price for this service is $50.
  2. “Get Your Installation Started Right” – This is a great chance for you to learn professional installation methods while also assuring that your own kitchen gets started right. Here’s how it works: You hire me by the hour for the day when your installation begins. I will help and teach you until the point where you feel confident finishing on your own. How can you beat that? My current travel and by-the-hour price is listed here.
  3. Full Installation – Send me the layout of your cabinet installation and I will give you a bid.

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